The Dip, Everlasting Hot Dog Recipe

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2014
Intro by Hayley Morgan

Haven’t you heard? Levins and Bianca have decided to shut up shop at The Dip. Saturday July 12 is their last night, which is sad but also a time for cool celebrations and the return of the best specials they’ve ever chalked up: the Watermelon and Bacon Burger, the Ribwich, and the Gangsta Boo. Next Tuesday July 1 they’re even laying out a Greatest Hits Banquet! There’ll be Pulled Pork Nachos, the Young Cheezy, the DFC, Mac & Cheese Balls, Deep Fried Pickles (aka a reason to live), Lev’s Dawg, Chili Fries and ice cream for dessert (we can’t tell if the Chili Fries and ice cream are two separate things, but wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t). To celebrate the life of The Dip, Levins has shared the recipe for an everlasting hot dog. It’s poetry, man.


1 heaped tablespoon of Levins
1 jar of Bianca
0 grams restaurant experience
40,000 kosher frankfurts
40,000 hot dog buns
10,000 litres American mustard


In a small Kings Cross nightclub, introduce the tablespoon of Levins to the jar of Bianca. Combine together until a relationship develops.

After 3 – 4 years, remove Levins and Bianca from Kings Cross and use their 0 grams of restaurant experience to open a restaurant inside a newly refurbed Small Club in Sydney’s CBD.

Take one kosher frankfurt and explain to a customer that while you use delicious kosher frankfurts for your hot dogs, you’re not actually Jewish. Try to hide the fact that you sometimes wrap the frankfurts in bacon from your kosher butcher.

Burn your hand repeatedly as you steam a hot dog bun in a dodgy dumpling steamer. Refuse to upgrade to a better quality steamer at any point in the future. Tell your permanently burnt fingers that a steamed bun is absolutely worth it, even though every idiot blogger complains about the buns being soggy, not crunchy like the hot dog buns at fucking Snag Stand.

Drown all your sorrows in American mustard.

Repeat steps 3 to 5 40,000 times. Be regarded as a hot dog king. Name the most popular hot dog on the menu after yourself. Have permanent mustard breath. Talk about hot dogs on national radio. Release a book about hot dogs. Talk about the book about hot dogs on international radio.

Become a hot dog. Begin to eat yourself. Regrow each bite infinitely. Be everlasting.


Originally posted on The Dip blog.

Welcome to the last week of The Dip. Don’t be sad – be organised! Get your crew together and make a booking for one last Dip trip before it’s too late.

We’re keeping it simple all week. Only a few specials – we’re mainly focusing on our regular menu. It’s all about that last plate of Pulled Pork Nachos, that last Lev’s Dawg and that last Young Cheezy.

Here’s some of the awesome things you can be a part of during our last week!


Join Nick Coyle for an evening exploring George R. R. Martin’s world, covering all four seasons of the HBO show. Free and first in, best dressed. Kicking off at 8pm but be early – this one will be big!


Remember Dip Hop? We’re bringing back The Dip’s weekly Front Bar party for one last dance, with Head Chef Levins, Dip Hop regular Leon Smith and Dip legends Batesy & McKinley!

To make it a proper Dip Hop, we’re bringing back The Juicy J for one night only! It’s The Dip’s take on a ‘Juicy Lucy’ burger – the beef patty is filled with gooey American cheese and served with onions, pickles, tomato, lettuce and TRIPPY SAUCE.


Enjoy rap and enjoy burgers. It’s a no-brainer. Free from 9pm.


Come watch our kitchen staff cry as they work through what is sure to be our busiest night ever.


It’s our last night ever – and your last chance to eat your Dip favourites! Come enjoy our menu for the last time, and then join us for a huge party out the back with our head chef Levins DJing nothing but nostalgic 90s dance BANGERS until late into the night!

One week to go! We hope we see all of you at some point!



We’re closing The Dip in four weeks.

At the beginning of this year our son Archie was born. You’ve probably seen him all over Instagram. Having a kid changes your life – mostly it meant that Bianca needed to be at home with him almost every day, keeping her from The Dip. We have been blessed with incredible staff who were more than capable of running The Dip without B – even without me – but The Dip was something that B and I started together, and the idea of it existing without both of us just didn’t seem right.

So rather than The Dip morphing into something less like the restaurant we opened together three years ago (potentially better, potentially worse, we’ll never know!) we’re gonna go out on a high note. The Dip’s last night of trade will be Saturday the 12th of July.

Needless to say Goodgod Small Club isn’t going anywhere and I’m looking forward to throwing more parties with them into the future.

It’s hard to believe that we even got The Dip up and running. Between Bianca and myself we had a total of 0 years experience in the restuarant industry, but with a bit of help The Dip opened for business in May 2011 and since then we have enjoyed three awesome years of serving the food we love to eat to thousands of happy faces. We’ve worked with a few of our food heroes and have been honoured to be a part of the amazing funhouse that is Goodgod Small Club.

There are so many people we need to thank for making those 3 years great – and we’ll get to that over the next 4 weeks – but first and foremost we need to thank Jimmy and Hana from Goodgod Small Club for choosing us to fill their kitchen space in 2011. It’s been such a thrill to follow in their inspiring footsteps and open our own business, and even more of thrill to work with them on so many exciting events. Jimmy is currently talking with potential food collaborators to take advantage of the soon-to-be available kitchen opportunity. So if you think you’ve got what it takes, or if you’re just interested in what the next incarnation is, you should send Jimmy an email –

As for me and what I’ll be doing next, everybody who knows me knows that I’ve been working on ten different things as well as The Dip over the last few years. I’ll be focusing more of my time on Heaps Decent, Halfway Crooks, DJing, running parties at Goodgod, being a kool dad and will probably start ten new things by the end of the year.

The most important thing for you to take from this is that there are only four weeks left for you to eat a Lev’s Dawg. Or a Young Cheezy with a side of Pulled Pork Nachos. In fact, we’ll be bringing back all of the most beloved specials, so if you never got to try a Ribwich or a Watermelon & Bacon Burger, you’ve got four weeks to come down and try those too.

I’ll be in Wilcannia all week with Heaps Decent but once I’m back I’ll be working at The Dip every night and I look forward to seeing all of you there for one last Dip feast!

Thanks so much,


The Dip


I made a hot new rap mix to celebrate The Dip’s 2nd birthday. I made one last year with a tonne of Miami Bass on it. Since we’re launching a new hip hop / r&b night this Thursday I thought I’d make this one a straight up rap mix. These are the songs that we blast in the kitchen, and in the car on our drive home from work. It’s almost 50% songs produced by DJ Mustard, which is pretty special.

Tracklist: WAVEY DAVEY B INTRO / THEM PHRESH BOYZ dip / DJ DRAMA (feat TRAVIS PORTER & KIRKO BANGZ) real niggas in the building / YOUNG JEEZY feat 2 CHAINZ r.i.p. / TY$ & JOE MOSES weekend / RASHAD feat T.I. & YOUNG DRO tell em what they want to hear / YG toot it & boot it / MYSTIKAL bouncin’ back / YG pop it / HOT BOYS feat BIG TYMERS i need a hot girl / T.I. feat LIL’ WAYNE ball / TRAVIS PORTER feat TYGA ayy ladies / TYGA feat RICK ROSS dope / FRENCH MONTANA feat TYGA & ACE HOOD thrilla in manilla / 2 CHAINZ i’m different / RICH KIDZ house wife / E-40 feat YG, IAMSU & PROBLEM function / BEYONCE feat LIL’ KEKE, SLIM THUG, WILLIE D, SCARFACE, Z-RO & BUN B i been on (h town remix)

Speaking of mustard, we’re having a goddamned Hot Dog Eating Contest this Thursday night! Lots of awesome prizes to be won – all the details are here on The Dip site

We also made our first ever t-shirts, which will be on sale this Thursday night, and online over at Label State.

And we’re launching a new weekly party! DIP HOP – rap and r&b every Thursday night in the Front Bar at Goodgod for FREE. I’m DJing every week plus kool pals like Joyride, Franco, Elston, Leon Smith, Radge and more are playing too.

Enjoy the mix and come along this Thursday night if you can! 


Do The Dip! by Levins on Mixcloud

Hey so that restaurant I opened with my girlfriend is still open after a whole year and we are doing birthday things like having a hot wing competition and selling deep fried cupcakes all week. Check out the bday vibes.
I made this mix to celebrate our birthday, it’s a collection of Miami Bass tunes with a smattering of other up tempo rap hits from the 80s and 90s. Perfect for doing the dip to. 

ROD LEE birthday theme
95 SOUTH wet n wild (DJ LAZ remix)
LEJAUN LOVE i still feel good
ANTOINETTE baby make it boom
B-ROCK & THE BIZZ my baby daddy
95 SOUTH rodeo
ANQUETTE throw that p
MC LUSCIOUS boom! i got your boyfriend
GUCCI CREW ll sex shooter
2 HYPE BROTHERS AND A DOG doo doo brown
L’TRIMM (we like the) cars with the boom
POISON CLAN dance all night
702 get it together (booty bass mix)
INOJ time after time (LIL’ JON remix feat THRILL DA PLAYA)

FYI the Wavey Davey B outro is among his best work yet.


Oh hey! I opened a restaurant with my gal Bianca inside Goodgod Small Club aka the greatest club in Sydney (which is now even greater thanks to us!).

Our little diner is called THE DIP and you can do the dip every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. We’re grilling roo burgers, smoking pork shoulders and filling hot dog buns with all kinds of awesome.

We opened last week. It’s been a crazy first few night with surprisingly few fuck-ups. We’re getting a hang of this thing! Come by for a feed if you’re near by.

Oh and check out our sweet ass website designed by the same sweet ass who designed this one, Mr Bennett Wong.

Do the dip motherfuckers!