The best meal in Cabramatta

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2015 OK, I realise that this article is subjective, and really, it should be called ‘My favourite meal in Cabramatta’. But in this world of attention grabbing clickbait, you’re lucky this isn’t a top ten list of Cabramatta related hashtags and GIFs that will inspire and shock you. Cabramatta […]

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In 2013 I made a hot mix of classic rock anthems called KOOL DAD FM. The stuff of legends, it took me three long years to put together the sequel but now I am proud to announce that KOOL DAD FM 2 is finally here, just in time for Father’s Day! I’m throwing a party to […]

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RECIPE: Smoked Mortadella

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2015. “How much mortadella would you like?” asks the lady in the Coles deli section as she readies the slicer. “Um… all of it?” I reply, before walking out of the supermarket, holding my 4kg trophy of processed meat above my head. I’d only seen smoked balogna on a […]

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I record a podcast every week called HEY FAM with my pal Angus Truskett. Every week we make jokes about all the hot content we’ve consumed, mostly geeking out over comic books, video games, movies, TV etc. We ask funny mates to come join us every other week, sometimes we even get on some actual […]

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I played the Meredith Music Festival in Melbourne at the end of last year and some people were mad at my set so I was a bit of a dick to them online and a few people thought that was funny/newsworthy so for a hot December minute I was all over the internet. I finally […]