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Earlier in the year Heaps Decent worked on a project called Detours and Destinations. With partners Shopfront Contemporary Arts Centre, Juvenile Justice and The Sydney Opera House, Heaps Decent visited two schools in areas of Sydney that had a high percentage of young people in juvenile detention. Over 3 months we ran music and video workshops and produced 4 songs from those workshops featuring the young people singing and rapping. We then put on an exhibition at The Sydney Opera House that allowed an audience to interact with the songs with a dancefloor that worked as a controller for the music. It was a huge project with some great results!

We’re now looking to release an EP of the songs we made, along with some video clips AND some remixes of the songs by some friends of Heaps Decent. We have one song left to remix and we thought we’d make the call out here to see what you guys can come up with!

The song we want you to remix is called “Lomandra Crew.” It was made by a group of students at Lomandra High School in Campbelltown. They wrote the lyrics with us and helped us produce the beat too. The final song was arranged by Adam Bozzetto.

The original track can be heard HERE.

Below are the parts for the remix, the winner gets their remix on the Detours & Destinations release and a shiny new Apogee One, the soundcard we use to record at all Heaps Decent workshops!  Thanks to Apogee for providing the prize!


Assets for the remix can be found HERE

Finished mixes can be uploaded HERE

All entries should be received no later than July 9th and the winning remix will be chosen and announced by July 16th.




Levins will be a guest on tonight’s Jailbreak on Sydney radio station 2ser.

Jailbreak gives a voice to prison inmates, their families and friends, providing information on criminal, prison and health issues as well as connecting prisoners to the community through their music, poetry, views and health messages.

Levins will be sharing stories from Heaps Decent’s Juvenile Justice Workshops over that last 3 years and playing some songs created in the workshops over the half hour program.

You can tune in from 6:30 – 7:00pm on 2ser 107.3 FM or stream it on the 2ser website. We’ll try to make the show available for download later in the week.


So We Love Sounds was last weekend. I didn’t go but here’s a photo I took at last years festival of a truly sweet TRIPLE DUDE STACK!



In September last year, A-Trak came to Australia with the Parklife tour. While he was here he joined Heaps Decent in Wagga Wagga, NSW where we took him to Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre for a day of music making with the young artists inside the centre.

Nina and Levins had spent the week beforehand running workshops at the centre, writing lyrics and practising flow and mic control. When A-Trak arrived at Shepherd’s Park, the school within Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre, everyone was ready to make something awesome.

‘Anywhere But Here’ is the product of our day spent recording with A-Trak. The four boys you can hear on the track wrote their own raps, as did MC Huz, a volunteer from Riverina Community College who joined us on the day. Some of the other boys played didgeridoo and made wild noises, which A-Trak sampled and used as the base for the beat.

We’re very proud of this song, and super thankful of A-Trak for giving up his time to join us for the session and for making ‘Anywhere But Here’ as amazing as it is! You can read A-Trak’s fantastic recount of the recording experience on his blog post from last year.

So here it is, after such a long wait, for you to download for free!

Heaps Decent feat MC Huz & The Riverina Crew – Anywhere But Here (Produced by A-Trak)

While we are offering this for free and encourage you to spread the word by sharing the song, we please ask that you consider making a donation to Heaps Decent so that we can continue running great workshops like this one. Click here to make a donation, it’s really easy and we really appreciate any amount you can afford!

Thanks again to A-Trak, to the boys and staff from Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre, to MC Huz, Thom Paton and all at Riverina Community College and to everyone at Fuzzy. Thanks also to Georgia Perry for the artwork you see above!


I reviewed the pretty awesome new WarioWare game for Time Out, read the review here.



As this week is Reconciliation Week and the 10 year anniversary of the Reconciliation Bridge Walk, the New South Wales Reconciliation Council held a Schools Reconciliation Challenge to raise awareness of the concept of Reconciliation amongst young people. Yesterday, some of the Heaps Decent crew headed down to their Awards Ceremony where we were privileged to experience a fantastic choir performance by Revesby South Public School students and Major Award winner Paige Lagettie’s stellar performance of her Major Award winning song! 


Bacon, fried egg, green tomato sauce and rocket on a sesame bun. Made by Levins.


So my housemate Jeremy convinced me to buy the new Pokemon Heart Gold game (he opted for Soul Silver), which is the first Pokemon game I’ve played since I stole a kid I was babysitting’s Gameboy in in 1997. 

I defeated the Lance bro (after 30 hours of addictive gameplay) and now have to go destroy a bunch of other pussy gym leaders in some other town. It’s a pretty great game but for real, Joey needs to stop calling me.



IGN has a massive new article celebrating 20 years of Mario’s dinosaur sidekick Yoshi. The little green dude is mine and Bianca’s favourite video game character ever and we can often be heard making ridiculous Yoshi noise at each other. It’s embarassing.

Also I gotta say that I actually like the game ‘Yoshi’s Story’. Stop hatin!



Detours and Destinations opens TOMORROW!

Our biggest program yet starts this Wednesday in the Studio at the Opera House and we would love for everyone to come and get involved!

Heaps Decent has been working along side Shopfront, The Sydney Opera House and the Dept of Juvenile Justice to create a mix of music, dance and technology called DETOURS AND DESTINATIONS. It’s been an intense and exhilarating couple of months putting this show together, and now you can experience it too! 


Wednesday 5 May 
1.15 – 3pm
6.30 – 8pm

Thursday 6 & Friday 7 May
11 – 11.45am
12 – 12.45pm
1.15 – 3pm
6.30 – 8pm 

Each of the 6:30pm sessions will feature guest vocalists rapping over the beats produced during the Detours workshops. These vocalists will be:

Wed: D-Minor & Low Tee
Thurs: Young Nooky & Marley, Miracle
Fri: MC Shureshock & breakdancers

For more info head to the Detours and Destinations page on The Sydney Opera House website: LINK

Check out the projects blog:  www.detoursanddestinations.com.au

Listen to and DOWNLOAD the four mastered songs we made with the kids at Miimali & Lomandra! SOUNDCLOUD

Aaaand: follow http://twitter.com/detours_tweets for your chance to interact with the visuals at the show!

Everyone is welcome! It would be fantastic to see you there!