Two new eppys of HEY FAM!


Two weeks have passed, which means there’ve been two more episodes of my smash hit podcast Hey Fam..! Both episodes feature my co-host Angus Truskett and I shredding it up with bonafide Melbourne comedians. Subscribe to Hey Fam on iTunes or stream those shits below! No girls ALLOWED (until next week).


Episode 7: The Scene (with Tommy Dassalo)

Levins and (sober) Angus are joined by Melbourne mate Tommy Dassalo, host of The Little Dum Dum Club Podcast. We think about the things that make YOU think, including that second last eppy of True Detective, the abomination that is Pixels vs. the Adam Sandler movies we grew up with, Nintendo in Japan and how hard it is keeping up with Ballers every week. Plus we introduce multiple new segments, like the enthralling DREAMCAST and the extremely next level MAKES U THINK.


Episode 8: New York (with Stuart Daulman)

Hey Fam is eight episodes old! We celebrate by cutting us a birthday slice of Melbourne comedian (ugh we know, another one) Stuart Daulman. Together we dissect that final episode of True Detective season two and take a look at the season overall. Did we love it? Who do we want for season three? Is there any other podcast in the game that will spend a solid 20 minutes recasting The Sandlot Kids for a new generation? We answer all these questions PLUS give you some tight chats about Star Wars, The Beatles and our favourite laneways of Melbourne.

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