REVIEW: Boom Chicken and Bing Master

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2014

Last week we made a bunch of dated Friends jokes and brought to your attention the new Chippendale takeaway spot Mr Bing Gourmet Wrapz. Since the start of the year, Mr Bing has been serving piping hot jian bings, which are a Chinese / Taiwanese answer to the question “what would happen if an omelette and a burrito had a baby?”.

Over on the basement level of Westfield in Parramatta, a hotspot has been doing roughly the same thing for roughly the same amount of time. And if you thought the possible Chandler -referencing Mr Bing was a good name? This Parramatta joint has the most incredible name ever: Boom Chicken and Bing Master. It’s a kind of name that makes you wanna immediately get Terry Durack on the line and ask if you can borrow three hats, because you’ve found the best restaurant of the year.

Boom Chicken and Bing Master is one of the many fast food options in the underground strip that connects Westfield to Parramatta station. They offer two things: Taiwanese fried chicken (aka Boom Chicken) and jian bings, which their name states they are the masters of. Where Mr Bing’s menu inspires you to sample as much of it as possible, here your eyes are drawn to one thing only: The Boom Chicken Bing. Taiwanese fried chicken wrapped in an eggy crepe. Have Good Food Guide ever given somewhere four stars?

Hot, messy and collapsing out of the foil bag it’s served in, the Boom Chicken Bing delivers. A greasy tube of heart attack with a good kick from various chilli pastes and sauces. As heavy as it is, I can’t see myself ever ordering anything else from the Bing Master.

Losers allergic to the joys that Parramatta can bring will be unfairly rewarded by a Boom Chicken and Bing Master opening in the city soon. The jian bing revolution has begun! Get ready to eat all your meals wrapped in eggs!

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