Pizza Towels

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2014

Summer just got a whole lot greasier.

I’ve been following the long journey of Pizza Towels for almost two years, ever since Grant Barnes, owner of the DIY merch website Label State, asked his friends: “how much would you pay for a 1.6 metre circular beach towel with a photographic print of a pepperoni pizza on it?”. The general consensus was between 50 and 100 bucks, and Grant spent the next few months leaking images of the Pizza Towels in production, even releasing a Pizza Towels t-shirt on Label State a good year before an actual Pizza Towel was even available.

The appeal of Pizza Towels is pretty simple. Everybody loves pizza. Everybody loves the beach. I’ve never eaten a pizza on the beach and I don’t know one person in the universe who has. Sand and pineapple just isn’t a good pizza topping. So if eating a pizza on the beach is out of the question, why not lie down on a massive one instead?

$60 will get you a big delicious fluffy pepperoni pizza to sunbathe on this summer. It’s delivered to your door in a pizza box. Later in the year you’ll be able to pick up a supreme Pizza Towel and a vegetarian Pizza Towel. For a deluxe beach pizza experience, fill an empty Pepsi bottle with sunscreen and wrap your other beach essentials in aluminium foil like garlic bread. Best summer ever.

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