I ate an entire box of Gelato Messina’s ‘Festa Della Mamma’ gelato bon bons

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2015

Gelato Messina, Sydney’s two favourite words, have put together an extra special package for Mother’s Day this weekend. Does your mum call you a cheapskate each year after you give her a box of Roses or Quality Street that you picked up from the servo around the corner from her place? Why not wow her this year with Gelato Messina’s incredible selection of beautifully handcrafted, ice cream filled chocolate prisms? Or better yet, why not buy a box for yourself and eat them alone in a quiet corner of your office?

I highly recommend starting on the shiraz sorbet with dark chocolate ganache and popping candy, a delicate but delicious little sphere that melts ten times faster than the others in the box. After being amazed by how good the first one is, you may want to save the second one until last, but be warned: this might lead to you dripping cold chocolatey wine over your keyboard, which could delay your ‘I just ate an entire box of ice cream chocolates in about three minutes am I gonna die now?’ google search.

Other highlights include the roasted banana gelato with white chocolate ganache: a tiny yellow football that actually improves if you let it sit a while, the rich banana taste becoming considerably richer once the gelato softens beneath the hard ganache shell. The mandarin puree with salted butter caramel gelato is another winner, a cute dome of slightly sour gelato topped with rich caramel, wrapped in thick milk chocolate that gives way beneath your teeth with a satisfying crack.

Several times through my gelato bon bon voyage I thought ‘man, my mum would love these!’, but you know who else would love them? Me. Happy Mother’s Day to me.

See the full range of Festa Della Mamma bon bon’s and where you can pick them up from here.

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