Half Baked: A Celebration of Stoner Food

On the 6th of December, I joined forces with Dan Hong from Lotus & Ms G’s plus Mitch Orr and Tom Lim from Duke Bistro (all pictured above sippin’ an Arizona Stoner Iced Tea) for a night of unbelievable excess; a tribute to stoner food. We called the night Half Baked. 60 lucky people sat down at Duke Bistro and were treated to 9 courses (with matched drinks by Andy Penney) of greasy, cheesy, fried, chocolately ridiculousness.

First course was an after school stoner classic – a chip sambo with french onion butter, made by Mitch. Mitch cut and fried the chips himself.

Limbo made the second course – a corn flake milkshake with deep fried corn and bacon pancakes. The pancakes were battered and rolled in crushed up doritos before they were fried!

Third course was a genius creation by Dan Hong – a cheese, bacon and sauerkraut spring roll with butterscotch mayo. Biting in to the spring roll and discovering the molten cheese was insane.

I made the fourth course – deep fried pickles with ranch. I made sure the batter was extra thick and these were super crunchy.

Fifth course: instant noodles with bong water, made by Mitch.

This one was hilarious – a bowl of noodles with a fried egg and shallots was given to each diner and a bong was put in the middle of each table. The bong was filled with a dark mushroom broth which you poured over the noodles! It was so funny watching everyone cringe at the idea of adding steaming bongwater to their bowls. It tasted delicious though!

Limbo’s sixth course was a meal in itself! Mac & cheese fondue with fried chicken and French onion toast.

Everyone got two pieces of fried chicken and a fried bread roll spread with cornflake sprinkled french onion dip. Next to the plate was a bowl of mac and cheese fondue to dip your chicken and bread into. It was ridiculous!

Not quite as ridiculous as the seventh course though: Hongy’s Juicy Luther.

A beef patty cooked juicy lucy style – with the cheese inside the patty, served with fried bacon, pickles and sauce on a Krispy Kreme doughnut! People lost their shit!

By now everyone was so full but they still had to squeeze in two desserts…

Seventh course: Mitch’s dessert – peaches and panna cotta ice cream with a Chomp bar!

People were breathing a sigh of relief when they saw that Mitch’s dessert was relatively small. They weren’t safe yet though…

I made the ninth and final course – a deep fried banana split with peanut butter ice cream, raspberry sauce, chocolate fudge and spicy peanut brittle.

This was so rich I felt guilty serving it as the final course. We heard that at least one person threw up after eating everything. Success!

Limbo and Mitch plating up Limbo’s fondue course.

Limbo’s mac and cheese fondue was epic.

Hongy putting the Juicy Luthers together.

We put a bunch of the bunch of Juicy Luthers in the Krispy Kreme box and ate them ourselves. I made sure I got a photo of the moneyshot as we bit into the burger and the cheese exploded out of the patty!





Andy Penney, who put together all the amazing cocktails for the night, which included Arizona Stoner Punch – mint, gin and peach iced tea; a fanta and campari ice cream spider and Caucasian Jugs – his tribute to The Dude’s favourite drink – a White Russian, complete with Milo around the rim of the glass! Unfortunately I couldn’t get out of the kitchen to get a photo of his drinks but trust me, they were killer.

This is what the floor looked like after all the cheese had gooped out of our Juicy Luthers!

We put together a little ‘stoner sampler’ plate for the kitchenhand, if you could buy this plate anywhere I would probably eat it every day and would be fat as shiiiit.

Kylie Javier had been working the floor all night and once all my desserts had been plated and served she piled the leftover bananas, chocolate fudge, raspberry sauce and peanut brittle on top of each other and the front of house crew got stuck in.

Kylie was a super important part of the Half Baked crew too – she lit weed incense sticks all through the restaurant, but the necessary eye drops in the bathrooms and put the mull leaves on the menu below.

So there you go, that was the first ever Half Baked! Thanks to everyone who came and passed out shortly after eating. We’ll be back with some more hectic shit in 2011!


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