Hey mates of the slightly more south!

Me and my friend Radge are coming down this weekend to play some shows. We were actually coming to see Lil’ Wayne’s sideshow but the dick promoters cancelled that yesterday so I feel you as a city owe me a decent weekend. Please join hands and attend these wonderful events.

SATURDAY – Favela Rock at Ms Libertines – I’m DJing. So is Radge and a tonne of Melbourne homies.

SUNDAY – BUNZ & GRILLZ at The Mercat – this one is big time. I’m gonna DJ and man the BBQ for a few hours. Check out the terrifying poster up the top. Radge, Mat Cant and Evet aka Juicy Jean are DJing too and all we are playing is good time West Coast & Southern rap. 

On the menu will be:

LEV’S DAWG a grilled kosher frankfurt with tomato salsa, pickled yellow peppers, chipotle mayo and mustard on a steamed brioche bun
GRILLED WATERMELON & BACON BURGER with onions, rocket & lime mayo (available without bacon for our vego pals)
GRILLED CORN with lime mayo, chipotle salt and coriander

Entry is free and the food is cheap. 

Come be a pal, Melbourne pals! Come pal around and shit. Krillin‘s coming down too. Fun!

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