The Meeting Tree’s ‘Financial Year of the Long Lunch’ commemorative plate

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2015

The Meeting Tree are a duo, the coming together of long time buds Joyride and Raph, members of the One Day collective, uniting as one for the sole purpose of taking an idea too far as often as possible. An in-joke becomes a major label single. A hashtag becomes a film clip with thousands of views. A seemingly throwaway tweet becomes a 24 hour live feed for all to enjoy.

After starting 2015 by deeming it as ‘The Year of the Sloppy Rig’, The Meeting Tree ensured their own sloppiness at the start of the new financial year, spending the entirety of July 1st celebrating ‘The Financial Year of the Long Lunch’. Joyride and Raph sat themselves at a table at the Lord Gladstone, pointed a webcam at themselves and swallowed food and beverages throughout the next 24 hours. A few thousand people tuned in for a couple of minutes, wondered what the fuck was going on, tuned out, only to tune in a few hours later and repeating the process throughout the day.

If you’ve ever wanted to cherish the memory of a sporadically watched day-long webcast for the rest of your life, The Meeting Tree have released a sturdy plastic plate that commemorates The Financial Year of the Long Lunch. Enjoy your long lunch as you watch Joyride and Raph watch you while enjoying their own long lunch for eternity. It’s just one of the many amazing gifts bestowed upon us by the groundbreaking duo, the self-proclaimed ‘godfathers of Australian dance music’ are now also the godfathers of easy to clean dinnerware. Just don’t put your new plate in the microwave.

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