I reviewed the pretty awesome new WarioWare game for Time Out, read the review here.

So my housemate Jeremy convinced me to buy the new Pokemon Heart Gold game (he opted for Soul Silver), which is the first Pokemon game I’ve played since I stole a kid I was babysitting’s Gameboy in in 1997. 

I defeated the Lance bro (after 30 hours of addictive gameplay) and now have to go destroy a bunch of other pussy gym leaders in some other town. It’s a pretty great game but for real, Joey needs to stop calling me.


IGN has a massive new article celebrating 20 years of Mario’s dinosaur sidekick Yoshi. The little green dude is mine and Bianca’s favourite video game character ever and we can often be heard making ridiculous Yoshi noise at each other. It’s embarassing.

Also I gotta say that I actually like the game ‘Yoshi’s Story’. Stop hatin!