Hey so my book Diner is out! Did you read about it yet?

One crushing piece of feedback that I keep getting is that there aren’t enough photos of me in the book! To help rectify this situation I have put together this sheet of stickers of me for you to photobomb all your favourite recipes with! 

The stickers are free when you buy a copy of Diner from The Dip. The stickers will also be coming away with me on tour at my launch parties in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide! Those dates will be announced in the next few days!


Hi, welcome to another instalment of THINGS I DID.

One night in late September last year I had just finished DJing at Goodgod. I was sweaty and the dulcet tones of R Kelly were ringing in my ears. A lady approached me and instead of congratulating me for what was surely the best DJ set she’d ever heard, she told me she liked The Dip and that she wanted me to write a book for her. ‘Of course!’ I exclaimed, thrusting a business card into her hand before I made my way to the bar and forgot what a book was forever.

The next week I received an email from this lady and she was legit! She wanted me to write a cookbook for her – in 3 months! So I didn’t write shit for two and half of them, then stayed up till 6am every night for 2 weeks writing what would become Diner, a book coming out TOMORROW. 

Diner features pretty much all the recipes for the dishes I serve every night at The Dip – pulled pork, hot dogs, burgers, nachos etc – plus a stack of recipes I used to cook at all the wild BBQs I used to host before we opened The Dip. Really fun recipes that are good for parties, groups or just being a fat glorious turd by yourself. 

So I’m an author now! What a slashie asshole I’ve become. You can pick up Diner at bookstores WORLDWIDE or order it online at Amazon or Book Depository. We’ll also be selling it at The Dip with a special something that you only get it you buy it from us!

I’ll be going on tour next month doing launches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide where I’ll be DJing, cooking and signing books! Triple threat! I’ll be putting these dates up here in the next week so stay tuned! It would be good to see some cool people like you there being cool like you always are. Also if you’re overseas and think I should come there maybe I will!

Please buy my book. I would love some of your money.