REVIEW: LP’s Quality Meats

Originally published by Two Thousand in 2014

It’s so disappointing to see the state of ‘American BBQ’ in Sydney. How could we have treated one of the world’s best cuisines with such disrespect? Instead of it being celebrated we treat it with an ‘avoid at all costs’ mentality whenever we see it (and its more misused associate: ‘pulled pork’) written on a menu, entirely due to it becoming a buzzword used by restaurants who didn’t know the first thing about the practice of ‘cue.

When Luke Powell, the ‘LP’ behind new Chippendale restaurant LP’s Quality Meats, announced that his new spot would specialise in smoked meats, he was quick to point out that he would not be serving American BBQ – and as mouth wateringly good as the smoked meats on offer at LP’s are, it’s a real bummer because LP’s Quality Meats could well have been Sydney’s first genuinely good American BBQ joint (they even have a Southern Pride smoker!).

That said, the smoked meats on offer aren’t too far from American fare. In fact, the beef short ribs, soft and tender with an impressively pink smoke ring, rival the beef on offer at Franklin BBQ, the current reigning champ of the best BBQ in Texas. Equally impressive is the chicken, which is smokey as hell without being dry at all.

Less American are the cured and cold cuts on offer – the coppa di testa and bierwurst are delicious, but neither were as memorable as the belly ham. LP’s few vegetarian options are the sides, best of which are the kale with chickpeas and the extremely addictive mashed potato and gravy.

Pouding Chomuer is LP’s solo dessert offering, for good reason too – it’s incredible. Simple, rich and great to look at, it sums up everything on offer at LP’s Quality Meats. We can’t wait to return – even if they start doing pulled pork.

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