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Originally published by Two Thousand in 2015

I have a funny relationship with sunglasses. In that they generally make me look like a turd. It doesn’t matter if they’re a pair of $500 Pradas or some electric blue speed dealers from the servo, 95% of sunnies are a one way ticket to Turdsville. When I see a photo of two cool guys in a cool car wearing cool shades on their cool heads, I see myself in the beat up Camry stuck behind them in traffic, my eyes wincing in the harsh sunlight, in immense pain, forever.

Pacifico Optical have all the makings for a classic Andrew Levins turd costume: the idea of two bros from North Bondi who were inspired by the carefree coastal lifestyle, creating sunglasses in between bro-mantic swims in the clear blue water of the Pacific Ocean. But a miracle happened. I tried a pair of Pacific Optical’s new range of sunnies on – hell, I tried on their entire range, and they did not make me look like any more of a turd than I usually do!

For those of you who have more to look for in a pair of shades beyond “do they make me look turdy”, you can tick that hand crafted box, as well as the Italian designed acetate box and the German optic lenses box. They’re light on your nose and don’t squeeze your head, plus the price point is way affordable – at $159 they’re about the cost of two pairs of LeSpec’s, which we all know you lose within three hours of buying anyway.

Just before starting my “looking like a turd in literally every pair of sunglasses in the world” Facebook page, Pacifico Optical come along and ruin everything.


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