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Halfway Crooks, the monthly rap party I started with Franco and Elston, is FIVE YEARS OLD next week! That’s old as fuck in club night years!

We’re celebrating in a major way by putting on a PLAYERS CRUISE on a motherfuckin’ BOAT next weekend. It’s everything you love about Halfway Crooks except in the middle of the stupid ocean!

To help get you in the wavy mood, here’s a list of my five favourite rap videos that feature rappers on boats.

T.W.D.Y. – Player’s Holiday
Player’s Holiday makes the top of the list because within 5 seconds of the song starting, someone has already sprayed a bottle of champagne off the deck into the water. Plus this clip actually looks like a party I’d like to be at, everyone looks like they’re having a nice time (hanting), probably due to the fact that the president has got rid of the player haters. I wish Player’s Holiday was an actual public holiday.

Young Bleed featuring C-Loc & Master P – How Ya Do Dat
This one makes the list for the sheer amount of people they crammed on their yacht. You’ve got a handful of No Limit All Stars and some dudes from C-Loc’s Concentration Camp crew and then like 100 girls just wylin’ out in bikinis. File this one under: using a yacht correctly.

Big Tymers featuring Boo & Gotti – Oh Yeah!
Just one of many perfect Cash Money clips (the key to a truly great Cash Money clip is to give Mannie Fresh as much screen time as possible), Oh Yeah! opens with a hilarious Cribs pisstake called This Is Where I Lay At before revealing a big ass yacht complete with the Big Tymers logo and Ca$h Money flags. And heaps of chicks, obviously. What makes this rap yacht different to all other rap yachts is that it is equipped with hyperdrive, meaning Mannie can take his crew to Hawaii or Alaska in a matter of seconds, all thanks to a hilariously dated operating system. Bonus points for censoring ‘hoes’ with the ship’s bell.

2 Chainz – I’m Different
Tity Boi proves he’s different by not even putting his boat in the water! The whole clip is just him looking comfy in a boat that’s being driven down a long stretch of highway. There’s a bit of a “when are they gonna get to the fireworks factory” vibe as you watch 2 Chainz’s boat get really close to the water but the b.o.a.t. never f.l.o.a.t.s.

Jay-Z featuring UGK – Big Pimpin’
Probably the most famous rappers on boats film clip (ok maybe second to Biggie’s Hypnotize), the ginormous yacht that Jay-Z flaunts his money on for his verse is almost crazy enough to distract from the lame clean version of his rap. Bun B and Pimp C never recorded clean versions of their raps, maybe this is why Hov didn’t invite them on his yacht?


I dare you to not watch this five times in a row.


Halfway Crooks 5th Birthday Players Cruise sets sail on the 5th April.

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