Hey Fam..! is a weekly comedy / pop culture podcast that I host with content king and memelord Angus Truskett. Each week we talk about new movies, games, TV shows – mostly we just complain about how bad DC movies are these days. We regularly have guests on, like comedians Tommy Dassalo, Gen Fricker, Becky Lucas, Cameron James, Steele Saunders and more – most of which were featured on our massive live episode recorded at Giant Dwarf last year, which featured a live reading of a script Angus and I wrote for a long lost episode of Entourage (we used to spend 50% of each episode making jokes about Entourage, we still name every episode of Hey Fam after an episode of Entourage).



The Mitchen is a weekly podcast about food in Sydney. Each week, ACME‘s Mitch Orr and I sit down with some food industry legends and talk about their craft, how they started doing what they do and the issues facing the industry today. Plus I make lots of bad jokes. Some great episodes to start with are our manic live episode featuring Dan Hong and Mitch having a cook off, the episodes featuring Mark Best and Jeremy Strode, and this episode about tea.



Serious Issues is the official Kings Comics podcast – a comic book podcast that actually talks about comic books! Every week Siobhan Coombs and I read and review almost all the new issues of comics that come out (seriously it’s like 40 comics a week) and let you know which comics you should be reading too.





I record a podcast every week called HEY FAM with my pal Angus Truskett. Every week we make jokes about all the hot content we’ve consumed, mostly geeking out over comic books, video games, movies, TV etc. We ask funny mates to come join us every other week, sometimes we even get on some actual industry people with real careers! Hey Fam is almost 20 episodes deep now, and I haven’t written about the podcast since episode eight, so here’s a stack of links and pics for the last nine episodes! The easiest way to hear them all is to subscribe on iTunes, but you can also stream it on Stitcher or on our Libsyn page. Enjoy hearing me waffle about things I love with people I love! Follow more of our adventures on the Hey Fam Facebook page.

rage eb

Episode 9: The Boys Are Back in Town (with Radge and Eb Yusuf)

Radge and Eb Yusuf spend half their time and all their money watching movies in Gold Class. They are the 1%, and the only people on the planet that liked the Fantastic Four movie, so we got them both on to discuss the best and worst of superhero movies, from the depths of Daredevil and Elektra to the soaring heights of The Winter Soldier. We also ask them to recommend TV shows to fill the True Detective sized hole in our hearts AND we respond to the biggest beef in podcast history – the heroes of Hey Fam versus those scum at the Blank Slate Movie Podcast!


Becky Lucas is a comedian and also the woman responsible for our LEWDEST EPISODE YET! Get ready for thrills, Wils and grills when we ask our first guest who doesn’t watch TV, see movies, play games or read comics to talk to us about TV, movies, games and comics! Marvel as we compare Disneyland to Banksy’s new art stinker ‘Dismal-land’, justify our embarrassing tattoos and serve up another hot slab of beef to our sworn enemies at The Blank Slate Movie Podcast!
This week we stole Lewi McKirdy, the voice of Australia’s youth, from the triple j studios and forced him to reveal unbelievable facts about himself to us over the course of 90 minutes. Did you know he’s an obsessive iPhone gamer who has at one point held the highest scores in the world for some apps? Or that he recently entered himself into a Mario Kart 64 tournament and has a man crush on a particularly beautiful Nintendo rep? Or that he was on an MTV reality show that saw him swap lives with an American farmer? Also, once he peed his pants on a flight to Hawaii. We learnt all these things about Lewi and learnt a few things about ourselves, like how Angus gets an abscess every time a Metal Gear Solid game comes out, or how Levins still doesn’t know if it’s Sex And The City or Sex And The City. Listen and learn with us, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something about ~yourself~.
It’s our first all musical episode with our special guests, the Godfathers of Australian Dance Music: The Meeting Tree! We invited Joyride and Raph to talk about movies, TV, video games and comic books – but end up talking about the ARIA awards, memes and the fact that Raph hasn’t seen a movie since Avatar. Plus Joyride books flights to Brisbane during this episode and it’s an absolute thrill to listen to.
We invited Steele Saunders, comedian and host of the hit podcasts Steele Wars and I Love Green Guide Letters, into the Hey Fam studios and we made him cry! Actually, he made himself cry as he recounted his emotional journey through Hall H for this year’s Star Wars panel at ComicCon. It’s an all Star Wars episode this week, while Steele isn’t crying we get amped about The Force Awakens, go over the revisions made to the first trilogy and recount our Force Friday experiences. We actually interviewed a line of Star Wars fans out the front of a Toys ‘R’ Us for the midnight launch last week and crammed that into this jam packed episode too.

The Mitchen: a podcast about FOOD

TheMitchen1400I’ve started another podcast! This one’s called The Mitchen​! It’s a weekly panel about food, hosted by ACME‘s head chef Mitchell Orr​ and I from his his kitchen table, with four guests from the food world joining us each episode to discuss food and restaurant news.


For our first episode we are joined by four talented and hilarious chefs – Mike Eggert (Pinbone), Analiese Gregory (ACME, ex-Quay), Kerby Craig (Ume) and Clayton Eggert (Automata, ex-Momofuku Seiobo). Together we mourn the recent closure of Pinbone, find out how to pronounce Clayton’s new restuarant, react to the news of Noma hosting a pop-up restaurant in Sydney next year, argue over our favourite sandwiches and take a few shots at our good friend Dan Hong.

Subscribe to The Mitchen on iTunes or stream episodes from our Libsyn page. Throw us a like on Facebook too! New episodes up every week!